About Us

Corporate Philosophy

4IP is a highly specialized niche player that is wholly dedicated to indirect property investments. Thanks to this specialization, we clearly distinguish ourselves from companies which offer investment products in numerous asset classes. All employees have a proven affinity to real estate and a corresponding track record.

Our product and service offering contains not only real estate investment products but also consultancy with respect to such investments. Our clients’ needs and investment requirements are at all times the focus of our activities. 4IP aims to deliver investment products and investment strategies which are fully tailored to individual requirements. As a result, our investment products have often been the result of intensive collaborations with our investors.

The team believes that indirect real estate investments offer attractive opportunities in the coming years and therefore will play an important role in the asset allocation of investors. We look forward to providing independent professional advice during this important part of the cycle. The demand for an improved ‘alignment of interest’, which has increasingly been the focus of investors over the last couple of years, is evidently addressed in an owner-managed business.