About Us

About Us

4IP Management Ltd. is an independent asset manager exclusively focused on indirect property investments and with a strong track record in real estate corporate finance and investment management. At the end of 2010 the management acquired the real estate investment business of Sal. Oppenheim Corporate Finance (Switzerland) Ltd. /Deutsche Bank that was established in 2007.

After the takeover the year 2011 represents a new step in the business development of 4IP Management Ltd. The 4IP team considered the Management Buy-Out an opportunity to ensure a stable, long-term relationship for its clients through the bound commitment of the management team. The transition from an already individual platform within the previous organization to an independent setup was equally supported by the existing client base and progressed smoothly.

Corporate Philosophy

4IP is a highly specialized niche player that is wholly dedicated to indirect property investments. Thanks to this specialization, we clearly (...)



Our organizational structure reflects both our extensive real estate expertise and the commitment of our parent company, Sal. (...)


Our offices are located in Zurich‘s Central Business District, in close proximity to Bahnhofstrasse, main station and Bank Sal. (...)


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